We are here to get you started, up and running, invigorated, clear, confident, excited, vibing high and absolutely aligned with what you're here to do. 

And we're here to do it soulfully, insightfully, lovingly, practically with heaps of guidance, support and direction and a decent helping of giggles too.

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We are over ALL OF THE MOONS to confirm we currently have space to welcome new coaching clients to work with us one-to-one so if you're looking for double the focus, learnings and success potential applied to you and your life right now, get in touch with us to discuss how we can help you move forward with what's on your mind.

Whether your question, issue or goal is personal or professional we're your gals - you don't have to do this alone. Our mission is to lift you up and elevate you so that you can meet your dream half way.

We want to share everything we've learnt with you to eliminate the guess work and save you the time and heavy lifting.

We want you to deeply and wholly connect with your soul's purpose and get aligned without exception - your work, your ambition, your relationships - ALL of it!

We want you to enjoy a new chapter of discovery, growth and personal power which starts with a spiritual approach and a #HigherSelfie focus

Sound good? The next step is for us to arrange a chat to get to know you a bit better so use the form to get in touch with our team to set up a zero slime, no sales, totally no strings attached call with us.


"...you're both real game-changers for the Gen Y spiritual community. You don't advocate out-spiriting and this creates a really safe space for us to grow on our own spiritual paths no matter where we are" - Suzie B, London


- From vulnerable to expansive - 

"My confidence has really grown when it comes to relationships, my self respect and how i take my business forwards. I feel more supported than ever by a higher power. My self love has improved. I have also had the confidence to face some big family issues alongside growing my business in ways i'd never considered before" - Suzie, London.

 - From overwhelmed to inspired - 

"It's a totally unique, organic, awesome, immersive experience. You allow a real conversation to happen so that there's room for boundless exploration and discovery even in just over 4 hours. I felt totally safe and supported during the session. Free to be as open as I needed to be. So much sharing and expansion" - Sian, London.

No more wondering, pondering, procrastinating or bashing your head against the metaphorical brick wall. 

Our respective backgrounds are in design, social media consulting and brand strategy so we bring all this expertise to your project, along with a heaps of unapologetic spiritual guidance that #HIgherSelfie is known for.


I have a deep feeling of clarity & connection to my highest self.

"....You will go deep. From day one, Lucy and Jo bring such a relaxing energy to the table you will feel comfortable opening up and being vulnerable. There is no judgement here, no comparison... I am equipped with tools to reconnect with my light and source and feel so much more at peace and calm. At work I have noticed significant benefits in how I manage others and connect with my clients. I also have reaped benefits in interacting with family and loved ones..." Brittany, USA 

I feel stronger in myself.

"...Jo and Lucy are so supportive but don't hold back from saying what you need to hear.  They are each very different characters, and a lovely combination in terms of personality and experience...  I found they gave such clarity to talk things through with people who were separate from my day-to-day, and who might see things differently and give advice I wouldn't hear from friends or family...." Laura, London