Burn Your Vision Board! By Jo Westwood

Last weekend I went to see Gabrielle Bernstein speak (and dance and kundalini - is that a verb?) in London. One of the things she said that really resonated with me was "burn your vision boards!" What she meant was, yes, make those vision boards, write down your goals and desires, dream your dreams but don't stick them up on your wall to taunt yourself with every day. Bless them, give them up, then burn them - or put them in a draw or a God box somewhere that they still exist but they're not staring you in the face all the time. 


Because every time your take a detour (learn something new), change course on a dime (take an unexpected opportunity) or take a much needed break (rejuvenate), your ego will take one look at that vision board and say "Not there yet! In fact, not even close. In fact now you're going the total opposite direction / doing sweet nothing / just hanging out being the same old loser that spent a whole day sticking glitter to magazine cut outs and thinking it would make a dot of difference in your life!" Not helpful, ego!


Once you've put those desires out into the Universe, it is no longer any of your business what happens to them. It's your job to be present, be love and just be. Do your work in the world, be active, be open and be love. Do everything in your power to act for the highest good for all things. But don't try to control and force what the Universe has planned for you, what it will look like or how long it will take. 


This morning I was going through an old archive of pics on my computer and I found a file called 'vision board'. At various points in 2014 I had put, among others, the following images in this file... 

Be in Psychologies magazine. Check. 
My own spiritual girl gang power posse. Check.
Hosting big live events. Check. 
Speaking on stage at Hay House's Ignite. Check. 

There are other pics in there that are already in the making now. 

Did any of this stuff happen in the way I thought it might? Nope. Did it all turn out waaaaaay more awesome than I could have ever planned? Yep. Was it worth waiting 18-24 months for? Hell yes! Did I get here with a perfectly mapped out / constantly re-engineerd plan and a swanky vision board egging me on? Nope. I did print out all the images and fully intended to make them into a vision board... But it never happened and one day I got fed up of seeing them all lying there on my office floor so I chucked them in the recycling and totally forgot that I'd already placed my order and the Universe (and my Mac, apparently!) had *not* lost my file. 

So, in brief... 
1. Dream big. Make vision board.
2. Place order for highest good. Remove vision board. Set and forget. 
3. Be awesome. All you desire and more is coming to you in ways you could never anticipate.

About the contributor: Jo Westwood is the co-creator of #HigherSelfie and has her own private spiritual coaching business where she's known as The Spirit DJ. She breaks down spiritual concepts better than the Beastie Boys break beats! ;-) Hailing from Nottingham, not New York, she remixes ethereal, deep, spiritual concepts to make them accessible, practical and relatable to help the digital generation be more present, peaceful and connected in this manic modern world. In short, she delivers spiritual solutions for your real life shiz.