Thinking thoughts of where we come from via Giphy

Thinking thoughts of where we come from via Giphy

Over the last few years I have immersed myself in spiritual readings that deal with the mind and its power, actively embracing how we all possess the power to create our life experiences and accomplish the true desires of our heart (or otherwise “subconscious mind”).

I have struggled some with this “mind knowledge” balancing those ideas with the belief in GOD, and also believing that GOD is in control of my life, and “sees all and knows all”…it follows “lean not on my own understanding and allow GOD to be my source”. But if you think about it, did GOD not create us, to include our minds?

If you believe that GOD is the creator of mankind, why is it not feasible that he implanted in our individual minds the ability to tap into the source and to guide our lives in the way in which they were either designed or the way in which we desire for our lives to be lived? However, no matter what your spiritual beliefs are, the truth is that FEAR lives in our minds. You cannot be fearful unless you allow yourself to be fearful. And FEAR is something that I have been struggling with for some time now:

Fear of my unknown Future.
Fear that I may not accomplish the desires of my mind, soul and spirit.
Fear that I will never reach the heights that I dream of.
Fear that I am not good enough and/or will lose in life.
Fear that I will not be able to provide my son (as an unwed (and sometimes single parent)) a good family life.

However, I realize those fears are embedded in my mind. And in order to overcome those fears, I need to change how I think (which is clearly easily said than accomplished). Thus, instead of succumbing to those fears, I have employed the practice of providing myself with daily positive affirmations of success and joy. For example, I constantly envision myself and tell myself (which I finally believe after a long process…as believing is the KEY to successfully overcoming the fears) that I will be successful in this life. I will (in spite of all the naysayers) be in a loving and committed marriage with a man that is all that I WANT, NEED, and MORE, and will be the BEST MAN for my SON! I will also reach every goal and accomplish every aspect of the life that I envision for myself, etc.

And I have to be honest it has started to work. In spite of this economy, and as a federal government attorney who has been part of the “furlough” debates, “pay/hiring freeze” controversies (which is an entirely different issue), I have managed to continue to be upwardly mobile, and not be impacted by all of these issues. I have been referred to, by my friends and associates, as “Teflon” when it comes to career moves and acquisitions in an otherwise uncertain and fragile federal government structure. I have yet to start rolling in all the prosperity and financial abundance which is certain to come, but my life is definitely in an upward spin, and I am no longer scared about my future.

I am at peace…and this peace has opened up many doors, and is allowing blessings to flow.

Am I there yet? I am confident that I am…I am THERE and I know that it is just a matter of time before these beliefs become a part of my daily existence. My mind, that GOD blessed me with, is working divinely and without fear…and I am excited about my POSITIVE future. To this end I share the following mantra and affirmation I repeat daily:

“Peace, Harmony, and poise govern my mind at all times. Fear is only a thought in my mind. I can dig it up and supplant faith in success, achievement, and victory over all problems.” You Can Heal Your Life – Louise L. Hay

Your Bio/ about you: I am Love and Light – A Woman that is blessed to be raising a wonderful and dynamic 7 year old son named Tre'. I am an Attorney by day (as a profession); however, who I AM is a spiritual being living a human experience and as such I have learned to overcome external trials and tribulations (which sometimes feel constant in my life) with a positive outlook and joy in my heart. I have learned that loss is universal, and we all experience life losses but we can choose to be happy instead. My experience with loss began in my 1st year of law school when I lost my 10 year old brother, Lamar, after a year-long battle with leukemia. This experience propelled me to new heights and led me to self-exploration and Universal connectivity. Based on my experiences, I am committed to help as many spiritual “human” beings as I can overcome losses with love and light.


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