Weekly Tarot + Oracle Reading - 15th to 21st February 2016 by Vix AKA New Age Hipster

This week's tarot and oracle reading from Vix is all about abundance and joy <3 whoop whooooopp!! <3

We got that joy card again and I think we might be seeing this message for a while, at least until we start to really get it. It's totally OK that we are where we are, but instead of spending our days setting goals for the future, let's stick joy at the top of this list.Then we get a big kick in the butt re: abundance stuff! If you really want to sort out your abundance stuff you're gonna wanna check it out so what are you waiting for, Boo!:

Vix is an intuitive Tarot + Angel Card Reader, Headmistress of Woo Woo School and the creator of New Age Hipster. She’s on a mission to kick open the musty old spiritual wardrobe and bring the new age into the now by making spirituality accessible to whoever wants in! Vix is an ex high school and special ed teacher, has written a tween and a YA novel and enjoys drinking tea while making Pinterest vision boards.

You can hook up a reading or find out more here: www.newagehipster.co