We are open for submissions.

This brand new digital platform promises to deliver, unapologetically and unfiltered “Life thru the spiritual lens” in a Globally available, 24/7 online portal for all things related and relevant to the miracle, making, modern mystic crowd.

YOU ARE INVITED TO SUBMIT YOUR VOICE! As per our un-conference, the playing field is a level one and if YOU have a message to share with the world your ideas are welcome.

Whether you’re a seasoned blogger looking to beef up your reach to connect with your target audience, or you are dabbling with sharing your ideas online via considered and heartfelt Facebook posts to your friends WE WANT YOU!

Lights. Camera. Action. Share your view via video.

Lights. Camera. Action. Share your view via video.

Multimedia submissions are where it’s at. Written pieces, audio downloads, photography portfolios, artwork collages and video link content are all welcome and encouraged so choose the medium that works for you.

All we need is a link to the document, youtube, soundcloud so we can securely access your magic!

Here are some other important guidance points to bear in mind:

  • Your original content can be brand new from you or a piece/artwork sample from your archive that you feel called to share with a wider audience that are looking for access to YOUR high vibe guidance and views.


  • Don’t tone it down. This is a balls out/wombs out place to ‘go there’ when it comes to your ‘woo woo’ side. Have something potentially controversial to say and go against the grain about what others are saying?  That’s all good too and you’re welcome to start a meaningful debate as long it’s free from malice - we’ll be policing comments so you’re in safe hands.


  • The only other stipulation is your piece must be related to and deliver on the promise of ‘Life thru the spiritual lens’. There’s zero judgement on what you want to highlight though so if BDSM helps you connect to your spirit, you are obsessed with your ruling planet and live your life by it, your pets are your spirit guides or you have top tips on how to apply shamanic healing in the accountancy firm you work at, it’s all good!


  • References to pop culture, memes, fashion and all things current are encouraged but not compulsory.


  • Please be really clear when referencing other people’s ideas, imagery and quotes. Being inspired and having your own interpretation is very cool! Passing off is very un-cool.


  • We’re all about exploring all themes of life thru the spiritual lens - sex, health, wealth, drugs, work, relationships, house and home, clubbing, pets and animals, where you live, travel, music, hair, beauty, periods, events you’re going to and organising (on and offline). If it’s happening in, on or around life on planet earth then grab it by the horns and do your thing.


  • Themes to inspire and guide include astrology, meditation, mindfulness, healing, crystals, angels, spirit guides, past lives, life after death, the occult, yoga, psychic connection, spiritual practice, shamanic wisdom, the divine feminine and the list goes on... <3


  • The #HigherSelfie community is all about helping each other out and lighting people up so we would love tutorials and ‘how to’s’ in all forms as well as opinion, observation and review pieces.
Time to share that must read post from your archive or get those new ideas down on paper.

Time to share that must read post from your archive or get those new ideas down on paper.

If you have any questions use the form below and our team will come back to you to get you started!

Oh, and if this invitation is making you feel nervous or triggered about being seen and putting yourself ‘out there’ then…. good.

The world NEEDS your light and you couldn’t be in safer, more supportive hands in making this first step forward. We're here to support you and we believe in you.





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