Release The Old this week By Gina Battye

By releasing the OLD we make way for the NEW and activate the Law of Attraction. 

In this video I guide you through how to release what no longer serves you: 

Begin by creating a releasing list. Write down all those things that no longer serve you, that are holding you back, you have outgrown and you want to release. 

The perfect time to release is on the Full Moon. 

There are a group of us that come together virtually to release the OLD to make way for the new. We release the OLD each month through a Releasing Ritual. You can join the private Facebook Group – Authentic Self UK to learn how to release the old, what to do in your ritual and how to cut the chords

When we release what no longer serves us, we make room for new opportunities and space for our dreams to come alive.

Your True Spirit Card Reading for 27 Nov – 3 Dec 2016

OPPORTUNITY. Opportunities are all around you. Open your eyes and embrace them.

Release the Old. Make space for the new.

Observe the shifts you experience as a result of releasing. Look at what is going on around you. What opportunities are presenting themselves that you haven’t noticed before?

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