Your Purpose: Get Clear - True Spirit Card Reading for 23 - 29 October by gina Battye

In this week's video I talk about the first step to take to uncover your purpose.

If you don't know why you are here and you are asking the question 'What is my purpose?' you are conscious of where you are heading in life and are looking for clarity. The first step is to re-connect to who you are. Quieten the mind, quieten the ego and tune into your True Spirit. Your True Spirit is the part of you that is who you really are. Your Authentic and True Self.

There are many ways to quieten your mind. You need to find the way that works for you.

This week - experiment. When is your mind at its quietest? Notice when you are connected to your True Self. Take note of what you are doing in those moments. Make it your mission this week to re-connect to who you are more frequently.

The more you are in that space – rather than feeling disconnected through your ego – the quieter you are internally and the higher your vibration will be. When you are connected to who you are, you will hear those intuitive messages that are coming to you. This is where the magic lies.

Go within. That is when you will gain clarity on your purpose.

True Spirit Message Of The Week: Your True Spirit Card Reading for 23-29 Oct 2016

Have patience. There is no rush. Have patience and watch it unfold naturally.

When you are pushing forwards and rushing, you miss those intuitive messages. You miss the opportunities that are presented to you and you miss the guidance you are receiving.

Relax, have patience and know the Universe is proving all you need in the moment.

Go within, get quiet, raise your vibration and when you are re-connected to your True Self, tune into the guidance you are receiving. This is where the clarity will come from. Your True Self leading you to your True Purpose.

From Gina's True Spirit Card Deck.

Filmed on location in Gina's Office, UK.

What next?

1. If you know someone this video will resonate with, please share it with them.

2. Next week: tune in for more insights on How To Uncover Your Purpose and your guidance from the True Spirit cards for the week ahead.

3. New Moon Manifesting Ritual. Sunday 30th October. This is a New Moon In Scorpio.

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