Release The Old this week By Gina Battye

By releasing the OLD we make way for the NEW and activate the Law of Attraction. 

In this video I guide you through how to release what no longer serves you: 

Begin by creating a releasing list. Write down all those things that no longer serve you, that are holding you back, you have outgrown and you want to release. 

The perfect time to release is on the Full Moon. 

There are a group of us that come together virtually to release the OLD to make way for the new. We release the OLD each month through a Releasing Ritual. You can join the private Facebook Group – Authentic Self UK to learn how to release the old, what to do in your ritual and how to cut the chords

When we release what no longer serves us, we make room for new opportunities and space for our dreams to come alive.

Your True Spirit Card Reading for 27 Nov – 3 Dec 2016

OPPORTUNITY. Opportunities are all around you. Open your eyes and embrace them.

Release the Old. Make space for the new.

Observe the shifts you experience as a result of releasing. Look at what is going on around you. What opportunities are presenting themselves that you haven’t noticed before?

Gina Battye is one the world’s hottest rising stars; described as Britain’s equivalent to Oprah Winfrey, Gina is an internationally sought after & award-winning spiritual coach, teacher, speaker & author. Gina guides you effortlessly to answer the 2 big life questions - Who Am I and Why Am I Here. Working with clients all around the globe, Gina has those deep and real conversations that you wont have with anyone else in your life. Join the discussion here: Connect with her on Facebook: Twitter: and Instagram: Alson on Youtube

Your Purpose: Get Clear - True Spirit Card Reading for 23 - 29 October by gina Battye

In this week's video I talk about the first step to take to uncover your purpose.

If you don't know why you are here and you are asking the question 'What is my purpose?' you are conscious of where you are heading in life and are looking for clarity. The first step is to re-connect to who you are. Quieten the mind, quieten the ego and tune into your True Spirit. Your True Spirit is the part of you that is who you really are. Your Authentic and True Self.

There are many ways to quieten your mind. You need to find the way that works for you.

This week - experiment. When is your mind at its quietest? Notice when you are connected to your True Self. Take note of what you are doing in those moments. Make it your mission this week to re-connect to who you are more frequently.

The more you are in that space – rather than feeling disconnected through your ego – the quieter you are internally and the higher your vibration will be. When you are connected to who you are, you will hear those intuitive messages that are coming to you. This is where the magic lies.

Go within. That is when you will gain clarity on your purpose.

True Spirit Message Of The Week: Your True Spirit Card Reading for 23-29 Oct 2016

Have patience. There is no rush. Have patience and watch it unfold naturally.

When you are pushing forwards and rushing, you miss those intuitive messages. You miss the opportunities that are presented to you and you miss the guidance you are receiving.

Relax, have patience and know the Universe is proving all you need in the moment.

Go within, get quiet, raise your vibration and when you are re-connected to your True Self, tune into the guidance you are receiving. This is where the clarity will come from. Your True Self leading you to your True Purpose.

From Gina's True Spirit Card Deck.

Filmed on location in Gina's Office, UK.

What next?

1. If you know someone this video will resonate with, please share it with them.

2. Next week: tune in for more insights on How To Uncover Your Purpose and your guidance from the True Spirit cards for the week ahead.

3. New Moon Manifesting Ritual. Sunday 30th October. This is a New Moon In Scorpio.

If you want to join us to activate the Law of Attraction and maybe get a free personal card reading from me, details are on the Authentic Self UK Facebook Group:

One of the world’s hottest rising stars; described as Britain’s equivalent to Oprah Winfrey, Gina is an internationally sought after & award-winning spiritual coach, teacher, speaker & author. Gina guides you effortlessly to answer the 2 big life questions - Who Am I and Why Am I Here. Working with clients all around the globe, Gina has those deep and real conversations that you wont have with anyone else in your life. To learn more about Gina's Releasing Ritual, Manifesting Ritual and the Soul Quest Explorations, visit her at www.Gina.PM and conncet on Facebook: Twitter: and Instagram:

The Monster Under Your Bed by That Guy Who Loves The Universe

Nick Miller: Not great with monsters under his bed. 

Nick Miller: Not great with monsters under his bed. 

There is one sure way I know to have a horrible life.

Guaranteed, without a doubt, no-joy-whatsoever kind of life. And that would be living a life plagued with the virus of insecurity.

You see, I believe insecurity to be one of the ugliest of all of the negative emotions. Insecurity is lethal, it can run through your system, habitat behind your ears and between your toes and even when you think it's all gone you still find a gram of that ugly beast hanging around.

Insecurity is always about you.

Whilst anger, jealousy and even hatred throw poison in someone else's direction insecurity is a constant poisoning of oneself.

We all know how hard it is to have somebody constantly on our back, constantly on our case, always going on about things we did wrong, being overly critical and never giving as a moment of peace. Whilst this is frustrating with a work colleague, a parent, spouse or even a friend it's a lot harder to bear when it's you giving yourself the hard time.

But here's the good news. Insecurity can be healed.

If I may, I'd like you to come with me to the city of Liverpool… enter a back-street apartment building, travel of two flights of stairs and enter through a wooden door on your right. Just Follow the beige carpet up the corridor and enter the bedroom on your left. There you will find somebody hiding under the bedcovers scared to face the day because they are completely plagued with insecurity.

That person is me.

Though I can't recall everything exactly, I do know that I was likely suffering from feelings of low self-worth, emotional instability, a desire to be liked and inability to stand up to myself. I felt sick, like having a hangover, but it wasn't alcohol-induced hangover it was one caused by a major overdose of self-loathing.

Honestly, I don't know how to live a life completely free from insecurity. I'm not there yet. But I'm definitely a lot further along the lines used to be… I'm no longer the boy in bed scared to face the world. So, the first thing I can advise for overcoming insecurity is to absolutely stop all criticism. Stop criticising yourself for how you lock stop criticising yourself what you've achieved stop criticising yourself at the belief that you haven't done enough. Absolutely stop it. You are enough, you do enough, you have enough, it's all enough. I know you won't believe this at first but do me a favour and practice reminding yourself that you are enough every day and the next 30 days.

If you don't begin to feel a little bit happier, I promise complete money back guarantee. The second thing I can advise the overcoming a life of insecurity is the stop chasing approval like your scavenger dark looking for scraps of meat. We strive strive strive to be appraised, recognised and appreciated by others. Have you noticed yet that there is no end this? Even if you get someone's approval for a millisecond you can't guarantee that person's approval the next day (And the next day and the next day and the next day). To live a life in need of approval is a sure way to sign up for a feeling of exhaustion.

Consider for a second, what do you actually get when someone approves of you?

I'll give you a second to think on that.

I'm not trying to catch you out here but the truth is you don't really get much. In fact, in spite of a slight lifting mood you get nothing besides another scavenger hunt for the next scrap of approval going.

And finally, the last thing I can advise for a life free of insecurity is to keep a list of the people whose opinions matter to you. I first heard this piece of advice from the wonderful Brene Brown (author of Daring Greatly). She says that she carries around this list in her purse. This is a surefire way to remember whose opinions matter to you. By doing this you will no longer care what your neighbours think, what the checkout lady thinks or what your co-worker thinks.

But before I give insecurity such an insatiably bad rap…

I will finish by saying a few kind words on the ugly monster that lives inside of our heads. Have you noticed something beautiful about insecurity? I have. In fact, I've noticed a few beautiful things about insecurity. Firstly, it's invisible. Thank god for that. You don't have to walk around with the T-shirt that says, "Hello, I'm insecure". And secondly, it's a wonderful knowledge that shows you that something is out of line.

So, don't worry so much. Insecurity is a monster that lives under each and every one of our beds. Sometimes it raises ugly head and sometimes it doesn't.

So I hope you accordingly go ahead, fall down, make a fool of yourself and get it wrong.

Who cares? Maybe nobody is looking.

Find out more about Sean AKA TGWLTU and his work on Facebook and at his website right here.

Either The Universe Is In Charge, Or It's Not By Jo Westwood

I see it time and time again. Hot rockin’ kickass soul sisters (and brothers) doing their thing, on the spiritual and the human planes. Meditating daily then going out and making shiz happen. Except there’s this one thing – could be a specific project, or a whole area of their lives, that just isn’t quite coming off. They’re doing their work, they’re shining their light but for some reason, it just ain’t happening for them.  *Caveat: As with all my posts, talks and teachings I speak from experience. Them, they or you, could easily be switched out for I, me or my.

I see this from the outside looking in: watching my fellow spiritualistas burgeoning careers on stages and social media. I also see it close up with my clients. Nonetheless I see it a lot...

So what’s going on? If this spiritual stuff works, why isn’t it, well, working? It’s not because it comes with the Ron Burgundy-esque guarantee that “60% of the time, it works every time” (If I just lost you, Google “Sex Panther”. It’s safe for work I promise!)

The Universe is not a bootleg cologne.

The Universe is not a bootleg cologne.

It’s more like 60% of the time we trust the Universe every time.

Here’s a humdinger of a truth coming at you FOC from the Spirit Deej: Either the Universe is in charge… Or it’s not.

Either the Universe, God, Source, Spirit, whatever word works for you, is the almighty omnipresent creator of all things, with masterplan in hand. Or it’s not.

It doesn’t make any sense, even to our crazy human ego fuelled logic that the Universe would like totes have a handle on everything… Eeeeeexcept your money. Or your relationships. Or your body. Or whatever area is your spiritual kryptonite.

And this is the rub. If you believe the Universe is in charge, 100%, that means to really vibe high with the powers that be and get totally in the flow of your life, whatever comes your way, you have to surrender 100%.  Be 100% vulnerable, open and trusting. Not 90%, or even 99.99%. One. Hundred. Per. Cent.

Of course, like all top quality, spiritual lessons it flies in the face of everything we’ve been taught, at least in the modern western world. 

Or ever.

Or ever.

“Stand up for yourself.” “Take what’s yours.” “Don’t let your guard down.” “Take control.” A common attitude of take and control runs through our mindset and language as standard. So of course, by it’s very nature, being open, vulnerable and trusting feels scary. We’ve been conditioned to believe that these qualities leave us open to attack, laid bare to harm and destruction. It’s 180 degrees away from the vibe of the Universe, which is always receive and let go.

When we’re in that place of surrender we are physically, emotionally and spiritually making room for miracles. We’re handing control back to the Universe and saying “I trust you. You got me and the whole world this far, you may continue to drive this thing.”

Now if at this point you’re saying to yourself ‘But Jo, I’m not a surrendering kinda gal / guy. I’m a go-getter. I take control and make life happen. Sitting back and doing nothing just ain’t gonna float my spiritual boat!” Let me tell you this: Surrendering is the most active thing, and one of the most difficult things you will ever do. There is nothing laid back about surrender. Because we have been conditioned to take control and be in charge, when we decide to surrender we’re opting to undo a lifetime’s worth of conditioning. It feels creaky and weird at best, and downright unthinkable and terrifying at worst. And it won’t happen all in one go. You’ll need to keep checking on that sucker because I’ll bet my bottom dollar that before you know it, little elements of control will start to creep back in. You might switch the controlling from one area of your life to another. You might start controlling in more subtle and manipulative ways that you don’t even realise because the fear of letting go of that grip is so super scary to your sub conscious. And let’s not forget that your ego is smart because you are smart. And it’s not past turning your spiritual practice against you… To this end you might find yourself controlling the surrender! LOLZ! #notevenjoking.

But like everything in life, it’s a practice. The more you do it, the better you’ll get at it. The more you do it, the more aware you’ll become. The faster you’ll be able to catch that controlling little grip on whatever situation you’re working with and prize its cold stiff proverbial fingers off, while you meditate the shit out of that thing!

Warning: Extreme extended metaphor approaching... If you think of your life as a house, when you begin your conscious spiritual practice it feels wonderful and miraculous and you think that your house is going to get a paint job and a shiny new front door, maybe a cool basement renovation and landscaped garden. What actually happens is the Universe takes one look and says “Nope, the foundations are no good. We need to tear the whole thing down and start again.” Ugh. Well that sounds like a load of hard work! Yup. But it’s totally worth it because you’re going to get this incredible new house (life) with a super strong foundation. Awesome. But when you’re continuing to take control  you’re filling your house up with what you think should be in it. You’re holding on to your ideas and ideals. You’re cluttering the place up with the crust of your history – with old newspapers, sentimental tit tat from past relationships and that dodgy stained sofa you had when you were a student. Except you keep asking the Universe for some new furniture and a fancy coffee machine (ie. Miracles! Y’ know all that stuff you really want – amazing job, loving partner, rockin’ relationship with your bod) and it’s waiting outside with the van! All the miracles are held in trust for you. Buddha, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are on your street with their friggin’ overalls on trying to get the new chaise and sound system through the door but it’s too full of what you thought should be in there. When you surrender and release, you literally open up the space for the miracles to come in. When you hand the reigns over to the Universe, it does a really great job. (No shit!?)

Do it little bunnies of the Universe! xo 

Do it little bunnies of the Universe! xo 

My personal spiritual path A Course in Miracles says “Try not to shape this day as you believe would benefit you most. For you cannot conceive of all the happiness that comes to you without planning.” The Universe / God / Source / Spirit made you. It has the most incredible plans for you, full of love and abundance, that your human brain with its ego and its story and it’s Twitter addiction, cannot even comprehend. So let it do its thing. Trust. Build your faith through practice, and feel the arms of your spiritual connection catch you as you float gently back into them. Commit to the process but detach from the outcome. One foot in front of the other, regardless. Is that not what the whole of life truly is anyway? Continuing on with no real idea, except for our own trivial concocted projections of what it will be?

“Ok, ok”, I hear you cry, “I’m sold on surrender, please no more mile long analogies! Just tell me how to do the damn thing!” It’s my pleasure sweetness… 

Stay open. Meditate. Pray. Talk to Spirit. Ask for help. Let go. Check in. Repeat. 

About the contributor: Jo Westwood is the co-creator of #HigherSelfie and has her own private spiritual coaching business where she's known as The Spirit DJ. You can find out more about her on her website and hang out with her on Facebook and Instagram