#HigherSelfie Presents: The 2015 Wrap Party

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#HigherSelfie Presents: The 2015 Wrap Party


"Reflect, release & reconnect
with your most divine self"

WHERE: Henry Wood House, 2 Riding House St, London, W1W 7FA
WHEN: Saturday 12th December, 10.30am – 6.15pm (After party 6.15pm to 8.15pm)

Get me in!

You are invited to #HigherSelfie’s final über salon of the year…
An all day self-love 'lock in' to wrap up 2015 and get clear on your high vibe plan for 2016 and beyond.
This immediately implementable, soul freeing spectacular promises an all-killer-no-filler combination of practical magic, healing, guidance, clarity, motivation and F*U*N* (Yes there is actually an after party – the drinkies are on us!)

Join us to round off your year in spiritual style and walk away secure in the knowledge of your own divine capabilities, and your own plan to smash 2016 by experiencing the following in-depth sessions:

**Louise Androlia – Feeling Feelings**

 **Lucy Sheridan – From Compare & Despair to #comparisonfree**
**Kate Taylor
– Connecting to Your Power with Confidence**
**Jo Westwood – The Ultimate ‘Ego Coat Check’**

**PLUS Spot Coaching** – An open forum to gain guidance, advice and insight from the panel relating to your burning question – work, relationships, wellness, confidence, spirituality – it’s all up for grabs to help you specifically
AND mesmerizing aura photography booth magic from PRISMATIC
ALSO festive drinks and a chance to throw your high vibe shapes or simply chill and mingle at our after party

Join a power posse of unique voices from the modern spirituality scene together in one exclusive workshop, for one day only. This salon is perfect for you if…

  • You wanna get back into your groove and love yourself like Kanye!

  • You’re ready to bless 2015 and put that baby to bed, ready for an incredible new year of miracles. (Resolutions, schmesolutions!)

  • You want a magical combination of spiritual guidance and practical down to earth advice so you can create an amazingly holistic plan for 2016… That actually works for you!

  • You want to meet incredible new connections and be part of a smart, savvy, loving and supportive tribe.

  • You want to feel chilled and joyous over the festive season, smug as fuck that you’ve got 2016 and everything it has in store for you, under your belt already.

Come together with us to release what is no longer serving you, bless and accept all that has gone before, and set crazy sexy strong intentions for 2016, backed up by proper practical real world planning and actions.

Oh, and your very own power posse to help you stay connected and accountable. 

Deal. Of. The. Century!