Curate + Discern

It's midnight. You're 6 months deep in your old school friend's FB pics, checking out her latest holiday snaps and feeling pangs of gross jealousy (or maybe a touch of bitchery!) about her puppy / baby / sexy husband posts. 

You're meant to be working on your passion project but instead you're torturing yourself checking out the latest vlog from your Youtube idol, with a casual 9 million views and at least a truck load of advertising dollar to buy ALL the clothes and make up with. Sigh. 

You planned a night of rejuvenating meditation, crystal healing and a salt bath tonight but your work buddies just Whatsapped you... They're having wine and tapas and you're invited and you're getting FOMO.

Sound familiar? We have the answer sweet darlings: Curate + Discern... Watch out latest video to find out how to stop the energy leaks - in AND out so you can start doing you, boo... 

You can find out more about the art of curating + discerning your online - and IRL - feeds in our soon to be released book #HigherSelfie: Wake up your life. Free your soul. Find your tribe - which you can pre-order here. Do it before 5th April to get your hands on our free meditation bundle plus get entered into a prize draw to win over £1600 of goodies!