Commitment x Detachment = :)

Ever tried and tried and tried like really, really hard to make something happen? Forced and controlled and pushed it so much that your knuckles are turning white just thinking about it? Only to end up not really getting the kind of ROI on all that stress and effort that you were hoping for? That's where our (patent pending! LOL!) fingers crossed, palms open technique comes in... It's the physical manifestation of one of our fave life equations (and the name of a chapter in our book, because, why not?!) Commitment x Detachment = :) 

Check out our new video to hear us explain how to commit to the process while detaching from the outcome for a life full of totally unexpected awesomeness, and a looooot less stress... 

Because we think Commitment x Detachment is a total doozy and super important we've created a whole chapter on it in our soon to be released book #HigherSelfie: Wake up your life. Free your soul. Find your tribe. If you'd like to get your hands on #HigherSelfie, you can pre-order it here. Do it before 5th April to get your free guided meditation bundle plus get entered into a prize draw to win over £1600 of goodies!