Why Animals Are The Greatest Spiritual Teachers by Ollie Neveu

Let’s be honest. Human-kind are a bit of a hot mess right now.

We’re overwhelmed, overstressed, hopped up on sugar, caffeine and anti-anxiety medication just to get us through the day. We spend more time with our phone and laptop, than having real human interaction.

We’re obsessed with image, celebrity, the next-best-thing and how many likes our latest Instag has. Globally, there’s massive discrepancy in the distribution of wealth, meaning few prosper while the many struggle in poverty.

There are people risking it all to flee atrocities in their own countries, only to face suspicion and condemnation in the places they seek refuge. There are people implicit in acts of corruption and greed, who sit in positions of privilege and power that exempt them from any accountability. We’re destroying the planet through mindless exploitation of natural resources.

We fight wars with each other over arbitrary lines in the sand and the amount of pigmentation in our skin. The world we have created has become a very harsh and hostile place to live in.

No wonder millions of us are are in pursuit of one particular phenomena, that has become increasingly hard to find.


But I have hope for us. The answers to the peace we are all seeking have been there all along, within great spiritual teachers. But they're not giving inspirational talks to sold out rooms, chatting to Oprah or holding a silent retreat in Maui. They’re not at the top of the New York Times bestseller list or teaching yoga in a far flung exotic land. The greatest spiritual teachers of our time are right under our noses. Probably sitting at our feet. Eyeing up that sandwich we’re eating.

I’m talking about animals.

Animals are our furry gurus and will show us the way back to the peaceful existence our souls once knew.

To explain how, we need take a little trip back in time. Like, way back. To the point in human history where the concept of the original wound springs from. The original wound is the idea at one point in time, humans (and animals) were consciously and innately connected to the universe. Or God. Or Source. Or Spirit. Or Buddha. Or whatever you identify with as the highest power of love and light. There was no fear, or greed or sadness. But then there was an event that severed this connection between humans and spirit. This is an idea shared by many cultures across the world, and built into their creation myths - like Adam and Eve been banished from the Garden of Eden. And the interesting thing is that all creation myths agree that whatever thing happened that separated humans from source, only happened to humans. The animals were not affected. Which means that the animals still live in paradise. They are still experiencing this deep connection with spirit. They are still one with source, love, universe, God, whatever you want to call it. And that is why they are at peace. They are already enlightened, they have already achieved nirvana - or more rightly, they never lost it.

Even if you don't necessarily buy into creation myths, we can draw on the experiences in our own lives to find the same truth.

Take a minute a think about how many people are unhappy, who feel lost or unfulfilled, who have some kind of affliction that creates havoc in their life and gets in the way of them being fundamentally joyful and at peace. Now think about all the animals you have known in your life. On the whole would you say they are more or less happy than the average person? This is all the evidence we need.

The difference that resulted between humans and animals from the original wound, is why we are forever seeking peace.

We humans see at ourselves from the outsides. We identify as a singular body. One unit. Separate from other bodies. We see ourselves as disconnected and independent from that which surrounds us. Animals experience life much differently. They do not see themselves as separate beings. For example, a dog knows that it is this one dog, but it does not identify as being separate from everything else. The atoms, the molecules, the energy that make up this dog, also make up other dogs. And cats. And plants. The dog is source energy expressing itself as the dog, just like that tree is the tree part, and that cat is the cat part. But the cat is not separate to the dog. Or the tree. Animals experience themselves as both singular and as a whole. They experience the world as fundamentally good and peaceful because they are in this deep connection with source. They ARE source. Source is infinite loving energy and the animals never lost that connection like we did.

This is why the animals are great spiritual teachers, and why they are a huge key in getting ourselves back to that place of infinite peace. Deep down, we all ache and long for what they have. True peace, happiness and fulfillment is right under our noses. The animals are here to help us open our eyes and our hearts. To remember what we have lost. When spending time with an animal makes you feel joy or peace or love, it is because they are sharing with you what you have lost. It is an invitation to remember. To reconnect to your heart and your soul. To return to what you once knew.

Your Bio/ about you: Ollie Neveu is a writer, artist, fur-mama and animal intuitive. She supports the animals in their role as spiritual teachers by sharing their wisdom through writing, speaking and mentoring. Ollie is here to validate your sacred relationship with the natural world. To guide you as you reconnect to animals, and the essence of who you truly are.

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