LUNASCOPES Feb 2016 - New Moon in Aquarius - What message does the new moon have for us?

We are thrilled and honoured to welcome the inimitable Kate Fagervik from Live With Moxy and her unique Lunascopes as a regular fixture to #HigherSelfie: Life Thru The Spiritual Lens. Each month Kate will select and read cards to share insights of each month's Lunar phase. Check out what this moon in Aquarius has in store for us all <3

Deck: Archangel Power Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine

Card 1: What is the theme for this fresh moon cycle?

Tarot Card: 12 Perspective

Cycle Mantra: Om Shanti Om

Time may feel like it’s moving slowly this month as life hits the pause button, asking us to rise up and take inventory of habits and routines which are begging for a remix.  The same old same old is no longer going to get us by; we’re being reminded to power pose and shake what our mommas gave us.  Be bold with your intentions.  Trust in love and kindness.  Know that angels love good listeners and use your body as an instrument for the highest good.  Use inversions in your yoga practice to flip your perspective, and twists to remain flexible.  Become ok with feeling bored, embracing the spirit messages which filter through when we engage with the mundane and repetitive.  Turn walks in Mumma Nature and tasks like doing the dishes and folding laundry into your Inner-beauty routines, using mindfulness and the present moment to connect with destiny.  You are the Big Bang, As Above, So Below & Within.

Use the mantra Om Shanti Om this cycle to raise your vibe, creating the sound of peace with each repetition.  Allow the muse to whisper her fresh perspectives to a receptive, peaceful version of you.  Repeat this practice daily, ideally upon waking and before bed, 108 times each meditation session for ultimate Lady Magic.  Sit in stillness or lay in Savasana for 2-10 minutes to let it all soak in.


Card 2: What message does the new moon have for us?

New Moon in Aquarius

February 8, 2016

Tarot Card:  Knight of Ariel

The new moon brings the darkest days of our cycles, the time of the month where humans are their most introverted, voyaging through their Inner-Verses, often operating in the material world on autopilot.  The savvy witch is aware of this rhythm and knows that it’s OK to shift into energy saving mode, that by slowing down and sinking into the vibes of winter she is able to power up more fully when Luna begins to wax and light returns to the night’s sky. 

The Knight of Ariel asks that we use these feels to create a detailed and methodical plan, using this phase’s gift of introspection to our advantage.  What in your life feels out of alignment?  Where is energy leaking or being used inefficiently? Create space in your schedule to tune in to your insides daily, making meditation a high priority when rejigging any business or life plans.  Your spirit guides are rooting for you, twirling and swirling around in the sign of Aquarius each time you listen to your heart and raise your freak flag.  This is not the time to execute your plans, instead a powerfully psychic window where your best laid schemes will lead directly to your future.  Be brave and have faith that you are ready and supported to take the next steps.  Expect to be surprised.  Conjure gratitude for where you’re at right meow, using this cycle’s mantra Om Shanti Om to create a fertile inner landscape for peace and your purpose.

Kate Vagervik is the creator of The Future of Feminism. #LiveWithMoxy is more than a mantra, it's a lifestyle. Connect with Kate on social media: and