Full Moon in Aries - October 16 2016 by Kate Fagervik

What message does the full moon have for us?

Full Moon in Aries

October 16, 2016

Oracle Card: Accept

The full moon is the purrrfect time to practice surrender, to release the reigns and let shit go.  This can be emotional baggage, lame patterns or habits, stories that we tell ourselves, projects that are lingering or expectations that we’re dragging around—we don’t even have to know what we’re releasing to be willing to let go.  Luna is fully illuminated, at her energetic peak, lighting our path as we skip along in the dark, shining onto all of our parts.  Aries is a fire sign that can be impulsive and brave, and this cycle Luna has charged us to tend to our inner fires, using each moment to accept the meow.

 Yin yoga is an excellent ally when exploring the word acceptance.  As we hold poses for 5+ minutes our bodies release as we sink in to the stretch, creating a relaxation response that soothes us from the inside out.  Hip opening poses like happy baby, pigeon and wide legged child’s pose are all fab asanas, connecting us with the moment, allowing us to embody the act of surrender.  Accept all of the good that is coming to you in the future, accept all of the gifts that the Universe is showering down onto you now, accept all of the love that is right under your nose.  Place your hands into prayer position and feel the connection between your thumbs and your heart.  Accept how awesome you are, accept that you are human, accept that you are magic, accept that everything is temporary, and then let it all go. 

Kate Fagervik is a Canadian witch, the creator of livewithmoxy.com, and the Girl Boss of the divine feminist gang the #PussyPosse.  Kate is an oracle, a muse, a wife and an artist.  She forecasts the future of feminism from her home studio in Enderby, BC, Canada.  Connect with Kate on facebook http://bit.ly/ and on instagram http://bit.ly/29foaoQ