10 things all people who expect mercury retrograde are likely to do - keep on saging, girl by FAB GIOVANETTI

Mercury rules communication, travel, and technology, and when it goes retrograde, these areas tend to take a rather interesting spin (excuse the pun). What does it mean though, for mercury to go retrograde?

Three or four times a year, Mercury passes the earth in its orbit. As it rounds the bend, Mercury slows down and as an optical illusion it appears to stop and spin backward, or to use more familiar words, station and retrograde. I know of entrepreneurs and friends who mark the dates and avoid taking on any new clients, or designers who work around website launches. Hence, I am just putting down a reminder for you:

Save the dates

  • April 28th to May 22nd
  • August 30th to September 22nd
  • December 19th to January 28th (2017)

Fellow seasoned Mercury Retrograde survivors, this one is for you.

1. When you run into your ex right after that boot camp class at the gym.

2. You are out for a meeting, go to the tube and the station is closed for engineering work so you decide to walk 3.5 miles in your new boots.

3. Then your bus is delayed 1 hour, the Uber is lost in traffic and it is minus five outside.

4. You eventually decide to hibernate until the end of Mercury Retrograde (preferably in a Doritos bath)

5. When you realise you ‘Replied All’ to THAT email.

6...and that sex picture did was not for your mother-in-law

7. You accidentally forget to save the draft of that post you have been working for hours.

8. You get a call out of the blue from your Uni friends, and you find yourself partying like it’s 2001

9. Okay, who is Harold? And where is my bra?

10. The feeling that inebriates you when you realise that, after almost a month, you survived Mercury Retrograde.

Fab is an Italian cheeky lil monkey who moved to the UK looking to fulfil her never-ending cravings for avocado. Certified Health Coach, and business mentor with over five years of experience in PR, marketing and copywriting, she is the founder of the Health Bloggers Community: platform, events, awards and magazine for people passionate about health and writing.

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