Mermaid Bootcamp: Heal Past Relationships, Reclaim Your Vulnerability, & Open Yourself Up to Love

Mermaids are the spirits and consciousness of the sea. In mermaid stories and myths throughout human history we've associated them with romantic love and relationships. 

The incredibly diverse way we've portrayed mermaids through time mirrored the diverse way we've experienced romantic relationships - free from limiting rules and boundaries.

Our present rigid portrayal of mermaids mirrors the rigid, stereotypical rules we have about relationships, which are the root of most relationship drama. 

In this 5-day meditation programme, you'll work with your Mermaid Guide to heal past relationships, release limiting beliefs about how relationships are supposed to be, and create your own relationship rules to manifest a fulfilling relationship. 

Here's What You'll Learn in This 5-Day Meditation Programme:

Day 0 - Webinar on Mermaid History, Symbolism & Meeting Your Mermaid Guide

Day 1 - Reclaim Your Vulnerability & Release Supressed Emotional Baggage

Day 2 - Forgive Past Relationships & Let Go of Resentment

Day 3 - Surrender Limiting Beliefs About How Relationships Are Supposed to Be

Day 4 - Write Your Own Relationship Rules

Day 5 - Manifest a Fulfilling Relationship With Your Ideal Mate

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