Revolutionary Love: London with Lee Harris

  • The Warehouse 13 Theed Street London, SE1 8ST England

An inner revolution happens when the wounds of the past are finally transformed into gold. When you are no longer held back from love by old disappointments, doubts, and fears, your whole life begins to crackle and sparkle with new energy. When you come face to face with the truth of who you really are—someone infinitely worthy of love and destined for it—you begin to breathe more deeply than ever before.

You become a magnet—unable to push away the closeness, tenderness, and intimate connection that WILL transform every part of your life. Physical health, emotional well-being, work, finances, family, creative self-expression, life purpose—all of these areas and more are infused with new vision and possibility.

In a container of great safety, warmth, and humor, join renowned energy intuitive and relationship mentor Lee Harris, along with his extraordinary co-facilitators, for a weekend of unexpected and unimagined magic and change.

Highlights of the process include:

  • The 3 keys to life-changing intimacy — mastering communication, boundaries, and the art of openness
  • The gift of conflict — learning how to break through rather than blow up
  • The energy of sex — opening to the joy and empowerment of the erotic force.
    Special note: We will be approaching this topic from an energetic and emotional understanding, and with the utmost care, safety, and respect for the boundaries of each individual and the group as a whole. There will be no nudity or sexually explicit exercises.
  • The miracle of self-love — discovering the healing power of being enough

Learn how to transform the inverted energies that keep relationship patterns in place. If there is a past relationship you can't get over; a fear that blocks you from taking risks in love; or shame and self-judgment that hold you back, deep relief and freedom are your next destination points along the journey.


Whether you are single, in the developmental stages of a relationship, in a long-term partnership, seeking to bridge the divide in a relationship, or at any other place along the path of loving, this workshop will offer uplifting new insights, powerful communication skills, and the warming light of hope cast over all your relations. 

For those already familiar with Lee’s Energy Mastery Retreats, Revolutionary Love represents the evolution of that profound body of work—energy mastery applied to loving others and oneself.

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