The Secret to Self Confidence

Self-confidence is having faith in ourselves, believing in our own worth, ability and strength. When we have this, our thoughts, feelings and actions align with great power, building a critical foundation for a successful and happy life. It’s something we all need and want, but don’t always have.


- We avoid saying ‘yes’ to things that would enrich our lives such as applying for jobs, asking someone on a date, and meeting new people in social situations
- We don’t say ‘no’ to things that we don’t want, we hide our true opinions and end up in situations that don’t make us happy
- We struggle to assert ourselves and set healthy boundaries so people may treat us poorly
- If we lose our job or our relationship breaks down, our confidence suffers in it’s entirety

These problems STOP us from living to our full potential and building resilience in the face of challenges. But it's TOTALLY within our power to change that! :)


- Insights into the three levels of confidence that exist in us all and techniques to increase your confidence on all three levels
- Practise using the tools in a supportive environment
- Help you completely change the way you view other people's opinions of you
- Show you how to take action to integrate new positive perceptions, habits and beliefs into your life
- Help you increase your self-awareness in terms of what makes you tick and how you can take control of your own experience in life

Once you know these secrets you won’t look at things the same way again! 

At the end of the workshop, you'll create a personal action plan so you can start applying what you've learnt from the moment you walk out the door!