LifeTonic session W/ Jody Shield

Heal your modern woes by releasing the pains of your past

Let’s be frank, we go through lots of sh*t in our lives. We experience the good, the bad, and the downright ugly. Life is a trauma! And we remember the pain #hellyeah! We store it all deep inside us, and it becomes our emotional baggage. 

And then what happens? 

It’s gets heavier and heavier each day, and we lug it along next to us. It becomes our pandora’s box, full of negativity, emotions and old, fearful memories. No wonder we’re afraid to remove the lid! So we keep quiet, and pretend life is the dream (while secretly pushing it further and further down). All we’re doing is hiding our baggage, pretending it doesn’t exist, yet inside we’re a hot mess just waiting to explode. Gah!

And then life happens, and we get triggered. So much stresses us out, we feel overwhelmed, anxious and upset. All is NOT love and light in our world!

We might explode! 

Or we get very, very drunk to escape our issues. We’re good at being in denial, we’re good at struggle on. We don’t have time to stop and assess. When life gets too much, we reach for the a wine to sooth our woes. This might help in the short-term, but believe us it doesn’t help build a brighter future :-)

Then one day we have a breakdown, or a breakup. We can’t carry on. We need to talk about it, get help. And we might see a therapist, or a healer, or get into meditation, or take medication. 

Why wait until then? 

There is another way. You can access the baggage and heal it painlessly and quickly in a much healthier way. You can free your mind, body and soul of the pains of the past. 

We believe it’s time to start feeling empowered not enslaved by your mind…please read on.

Jody works with Light Grids, it’s a powerful energy healing technique which allows us to clear and release the old baggage from the body, mind and spirit.

When you release this old baggage, you’ll instantly feel lighter and you’ll heal. You’ll feel yourself transform during the session, shedding the pains of the past.


“I healed myself through releasing the baggage and pains of the past. I believe it’s the ONLY way for long-lasting, permanent change. Ask any psychologist and they'll confirm that we hold onto memories and emotions from our childhood, and other traumatic experiences. We store them in our system, and they become the foundation for our life’s issues in the now. So surely then, the way to heal from your issues is to release the pains from the past?”

Jody Shield

Everything is possible – the only thing that stands in your way is YOU!


Join us at LifeTonic, and without revealing your life’s problems, you can painlessly release your past. You’ll work through 3 hours of guided meditation as we touch on topics and pain-points which will completely resonate with you….as if by magic! You will feel lighter, energised, rejuvenated and more powerful in your own skin (it’s in the testimonials).


The session involves:

– healing of your spiritual aspect or connection to your higher self

– explanation of the work

– teachings about the issues we’re working with during the session (to change perceptions about yourselves so you can heal on a deeper level)

– deeper healing, where I’ll guide you into a relaxed meditative space and support you to shift energetically around the issues we’re working with in that moment

You will emerge feeling lighter and empowered, bounding with the energy you need to create the life you love.

Give your Sunday a boost, make it your ritual. Let your inner light shine, brighter than it ever has!

£33 for 3 hours of life-changing work.

Final thought: It doesn’t matter about your beliefs, or what your parents believed, or whether you’re completely sceptical. This healing work is for everyone, especially if you have the most resistance. 

*May cause giggles, giddiness, contagious grins and a supernatural high. 

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Jody Shield & LifeTonic Business Manager 

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