Female Inna Space : Inna Tantra W/ Guest speaker Becky Price

Shakti in da house

Shakti in da house

We are so excited to announce that our next event on the 26th April is Inna Tantra. 

Tantra is a word of great curiosity and holds many different meanings, so of course, Female Inna Space wants to jump right into it! If you think it is just about sex, then come and dive into the deeper understanding of Tantric living with us. It’s going to be wild. 

We are so blessed to have the incredible Becky Price who will be sharing with us her journey into the world of Tantra and will explore what conscious sexuality is today. Becky has facilitated many peoples journey into experiencing their bodies in all their joy, power and pleasure and teaches many workshops with Shaki Tantra. 

Come and explore how we as women can cultivate more joy, love and light into our lives. 
Location: Vanilla black Coffee & Books, 308 Kennington Rd, London SE11 4LD

Event Location - Full Address: hello@femaleinnaspace.com

Link for Info / Tickets: https://www.facebook.com/events/1725581447656797/?active_tab=posts