Empower, Embrace, Ignite Workshop

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You may have seen others living colourful, fulfilling lives and know deep down it must be possible for you too.

You simply want some practical advice and loving support to live a life you love.

That’s where we come in.

Here’s the truth. We have both been in your shoes. And trust us, we wore those shoes into the ground! But now, despite being busy ladies, we awake everyday with more energy than a double expresso could give you, more excitement than a child at Christmas and more zest for life than we thought was possible.

Embrace, Empower, Ignite is the talk that will empower you to create and live a life full of clarity, courage and sparkle.Come and join us for the afternoon where we will help you turn your inner lights on! Kirsten Davies nutritionist and founder of The Food Remedy (www.thefoodremedy.co.uk) and Confidence Coach, Natalie Costa (www.nataliecosta.co.uk ) have joined forces to bring you a powerful transformative workshop. We will help you Empower your mind, Embrace your body and Ignite your soul.

Link for Info / Tickets: http://www.planetorganic.com/workshopempower-embrace-ignite-each/23793/