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Unicorn Bootcamp: 5 Days of Lectures, Meditations & Practices to Awaken your Unicorn Superpowers!


Start and Finish Times: Unicorn hearts are too limitless to be constrained in a time-space reality.

Stories from all around the world portray the unicorn as something to be hunted. Capturing the unicorn would bring success, prosperity, and abundance of all forms.

What every world culture has gotten wrong, is that the masculine desire to capturing the unicorn is what prevented them from doing so. Instead, the unicorn must be befriended by balancing masculine and feminine qualities... 

...And when one finds the right balance, they realise that the unicorn they were chasing was, really, their authentic self.

Here's what you'll learn in this 5-day training bootcamp:

Day 1 - Live lecture and meditation to meet your personal Unicorn Guide

Day 2 - Downloadable meditation and practice to awaken your masculine side

Day 3 - Downloadable meditation and practice to awaken your feminine side

Day 4 - Downloadable meditation to balance your masculine and feminine sides

Day 5 - Video lecture & meditation to stop being unique & shine your authentic unicorn light, instead

If you have questions you can contact but you can attend via this link!