Big meeting coming up? Terrified by that presentation on Tuesday? Had enough of all the 

gossip? I've got you covered, darling.

Here are the perfect crystals to create a "first aid" kit for the office babes out there.

Clear quartz – an excellent all-round master healer, it also amplifies the effects of other crystals. Basically, it’s the LBD of the mineral world. 

Citrine – great for creativity, mental processes and clarity of thought. This is safe to infuse in water, so pop it in a bottle and drink the elixir throughout the day for a boost of vitality.

Bloodstone – brings courage, keeps aggressiveness at bay (bullies go away!). In old times, warriors used to carry bloodstone to the battlefield. Need I say more?

Amethyst – “oh so pretty” but also such a hard working crystal. Amethyst helps with headaches, nerves and tension. It also aids sleep, so it’s a great one for the bedside table too.

Black tourmaline – highly protective, dispels negativity. Imagine having your own badass security team… that’s how black tourmaline works. That’s your daily Beyoncé moment done. 

Hematite – super grounding and protective. This is what you need when gravity isn’t quite enough. Highly recommended for those who need to get back to reality after being sucked into Outlook for hours.

Rose quartz – gentle and loving. For those “crying in the bathroom moments”, rose quartz offers the best TLC ever (if ice cream is within easy reach…).

Selenite – absorbs negativity and electromagnetic waves like a sponge. Call me extravagant, but I have three massive pieces on my desk. Selenite is water soluble, so don’t hold it if you have sweaty hands ;-)

Rainbow fluorite – aids concentration and reduces stress. You know those times when you are on a deadline and keep checking Instagram? Rainbow fluorite is what you need. I wish I knew about this when I was in uni! 

Blue kyanite – excellent for communicating to large crowds. This is a kickass crystal, helps you getting your opinion across with authority and confidence.

Top tips for crystal loving office babes and dudes...

  • When it comes to crystals, size doesn’t matter. Purchase small tumblestones for easy storage in your desk drawer.
  • When you need a sparkly helping hand just pick the relevant crystal and hold it or carry it with you until things get better. Bras and pockets are super discrete places to hide them.
  • If there is an ongoing issue you want help with, consider getting crystals in the form of a pendent, bracelet, earrings or keychain. 

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