Seeking changes in your job?

Looking to heal your heart from a past relationship?

Feeling unsafe, unsure and uncertain?

Trying to connecting with the divine and your angels?

Well look no further! I come forth with crystal remedies to assist you with manifesting your desires!

Before I go into detail about each crystal, I think it is important for me to state how to manifest with and use the suggested crystals wisely.

Never assume that carrying a crystal, automatically manifests your intentions. Just like you would introduce yourself to a new person you encounter, you also have to introduce yourself to each crystal you purchase, and cleanse them immediately.

You can cleanse your crystal by burning some sage, running them under a tap of cold water or by placing them in a bowl of sea salt.

It is strongly recommended to charge your crystal by saying a prayer and kindly asking the Divine to instil healing, protection and guidance whenever you carry your crystal.

We must never worship or pray to crystals. Instead, we can instil God’s guidance which allows us to always relate back to the Divine whenever we carry them. Look at it this way.. The Divine is our source of information, protection and miracles, and the crystals are pieces of healing tools which help us remember and link towards the Divine, our Guides and our Angels.

Soooo which crystals REALLY WORK?  Trust me, it has taken me about 5 years to really figure out which crystals work best for me and why. I have had to say goodbye to about 50 crystals because I just didn’t feel the connection with any of them. Having said that, the crystals I currently have are incredibly special to me, and sometimes their energy differs from their ‘known meaning’.







Whilst some articles suggest that rose quartz can bring in romance and love, I have found that rose quartz is best when used to heal emotions and open the heart chakra. If you have just been in a miserable relationship, or you are trying to open blockages around the heart area, this is the stone for you – But like I said, buying 100 pieces and placing them in all corners of your apartment might not bring in your soul mate or long term partner.

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If you can find a raw piece which really resonates with you, I can assure you that you will almost feel the benefits instantly. This stone not only ushers in a protective layer around you, but it also assists with dissolving negativity which lays within, towards and around you energy field. I wouldn’t recommend buying a tumbled stone or a stone which has been set in jewellery, but my oh my, find yourself a tumbled piece and you will never regret it. Say goodbye to fear, and worry with a large raw piece of black tourmaline.




If you can find a piece from Africa, that would be perfect, otherwise any natural piece of Citrine would do. Avoid the heat treated Amethyst pieces which are sold to mimic a Citrine stone. If you having a job interview, be sure to carry a piece with you. If you are having some issues with some work colleagues or seeking more finances, I would recommend you to buy two crystals. One for work, and one for your finances. Best to have them both manifesting different aspects of the abundance you desire.




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I love this stone, especially during the full moon period. It really helps with balancing emotions and consulting deep intuitive thoughts, to gain clarity. Also, if you suffer from period pains and mood swings, I would recommend you carry one of this with you. The moonstone can come in various shades, but the stones which resemble the moon shades (greys and whites) usually work the best. I would most definitely carry this stone when you are manifesting during the new moon cycle, or letting go and releasing during the full moon cycle.





If you are struggling to get in touch with your higher self or find it difficult to communicate with your Angels, Guides and the Divine, then you might need to think about purchasing a Selenite crystal. This translucent and delicate stone, almost mimics the purity and angelic essence of our Archangels and the Divine. I wouldn’t recommend taking this crystal out with you. I believe it works best when it is placed near you bed, or held when you are praying. If you ever want to clear your mind from negative thoughts or cleansing your energy before a psychic reading, this is the crystal to use. Avoid soaking in water for long periods at a time, as it is quite delicate.


There are many more crystals I love and could write about, but the crystals I have mentioned are truly special and magical. I will put more posts up if I come across any other crystals which are of significance to myself, but as always, I would love to hear your thoughts and insights.

Sending everyone reading this LOVE and LIGHT

xx Enchanted Remedy.