Crystalline Dream by Brighitta Moser-Clark

I've also working on a new series of images using old photographs of my Dad who passed in 2008.  I've added natural elements like crystals to distort or hide his face. He is now the formless essence beyond the illusion of form; just as we all are. This series has helped me to reconcile him being here and yet not being here.  You can see more of "Crystalline Dream" on


Step inside the cloud like magic of the Yellowbluepink exhibition captured so perfectly by photographer and friend, Natalie J Watts. Does anyone else get a Akashic Records type vibe from these pictures? Thank you Natalie for letting us share your work and for this gorgeous introduction to the year - we are all with you and rooting for you and can NOT WAIT to see more of your expression come to life in 2016!

"2016 is upon us. This year feels magic. This year gives me goosebumps. This year will be about love & creativity & following my heart.
I recently visited the Yellowbluepink installation by Ann Veronica Janssens at the wellcome collection in London, with a dear & shining soul of a friend. We queued for more than 3 hours to enter the rainbow-coloured swirling mist & the wonder-full experience that awaited us was fully worth it.
This immersion of perception & colour was part of a larger exhibition ‘States of Mind’ on consciousness that the gallery will hold for most of 2016, & I felt the urge to take my ‘proper’ camera along for the experience.
This year I am promising myself to reconnect & take photographs that make my heart sing. I have taken photographs with personal meaning for every day in 2016 so far & in doing so I am looking harder & feeling feelings stronger & excited to see what this year holds. 2016, I am ready for you! Nx"

About the contributor: Natalie can be contacted about commissions including wedding photography via her website and you can hang out with her on Instagram.


Marybel in her studio in Oregon

Marybel in her studio in Oregon

Enter the dreamy world of Marybel Martin. On first look perhaps the work of Marybel Martin strikes you with its detail and pretty portrayals of mermaids, French bulldogs and beautiful kingdoms. That's what I too observed when her name appeared in our email submissions and I delved into her beautiful portfolio.

And then, on further exploration the pictures conveyed deep messages of love, mindfulness and indeed, her own autobiography - they feel like a real work of spirit - just like all expression of ourselves!

Some of my favourite pieces from Marybel are displayed in the gallery below and do please check out her website and social media

-LSW xx

About the contributor: In her own words "I am an artist drawing daily about magic and self love. My goal is to touch the hearts of the viewer with my illustrations. You can check out Marybel on her website and hang out with her on Instagram.