High vibe reads are a great way to connect with ourselves, our destinies and each other and we want to make this as easy as possible in the digital age! Sooooo we're launching #HigherSelfie's very own book club.

The first will take place via Periscope at 7.30pm GMT on Wednesday 24th February.

We are so excited to announce we're kicking off with one of our ultimate fave reads, #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso.


// The book opens with Sophia’s own quote ‘Life is short, don’t be lazy’ and she goes on to describe that being a ‪#‎Girlboss‬ is hard work and you must accept responsibility

// Nasty Gal started because of Sophia suffering a hernia – what role does a life 'plot twist', hardship or experiencing a tough time play in your own story? How can you use that as a place from which you can rise?

// Sophia asked her mum to help her out with her eBay store via setting up a production line in her kitchen – where can you get support?

// You can’t sit with us – the EBay clique and cliques in general(p.36)

// Shitty jobs saved my life – the taboo of bridge jobs. What’s the right way? What’s the wrong way? (p.55)

// Sophia believes Nasty Gal has been successful because goals were never financial and yet now realizes money spells freedom – learning to manage your money is one of the most important things you’ll ever do. What are the goals that have and do work best for you? Where do you rate yourself? (p.103)

// Aeron chairs (lol!) What will you treat yourself to when you've made it to #Girlboss status in the bank as well as your head? (p.109)

// Asking and how to ask in an empowered way. If you’re frustrated you don’t have what you want, have you actually asked for it? (p.112)

// When you accept yourself, it’s surprising how much other people will accept you too (p.142)

// The chances that you are you is about 1 in 400 trillion. You create this world blink by blink and there’s no AutoCorrect in life – think before texting the universe (p.234)

Already read it? Awesome, bring your thoughts to our high vibe online gathering!

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