Holy moly is May a busy one - astral activity all over the place! Now I’m absolutely no expert in this field (it’s really only something I’ve started following lightly over the last year) but this month certainly brings a lot to digest. We start with five planets in retrograde, meaning that they look like they’re going backwards in the sky and consequently the energies/ attributes linked & ruled by that particular planet will also slow down, go backwards, even tangle. There is a New Moon in Taurus celebrating our connection to nature and a Grand Trine in Earth (meaning there are planets in all of the other earth signs). This is but a scratch on the surface of an otherwise complex and extremely interesting read - definitely have a web search if you want to delve a little deeper. 

My poor newly astro-interested-brain went into overdrive trying to understanding what these next few weeks may bring and after much reading/ research/ absorbing from bigwigs in the know, I’ve decided to spend the month surrendering to the universe. So for May, I choose to allow myself to flow with the energy mother earth brings, embracing the change in pace, being open to a journey into the soul, the self, aligning my spirit with nature. It is a time for reflection, for acceptance, for truly discovering self love and trusting in the powers that be. Let us embrace the uncertainties of life with a smile and try best to live and find thanks for this present moment.

It’s not a time to push or be hard with the self so let each day guide you naturally and enjoy the ride! I’ll be trying each morning to rise early with the sun (try being the operative word) in order to grant myself more time for meditation and to show my body a little love with some dedicated time on the mat.

This is a short grounded sequence I created with surrender in mind. Warm the body first with a few rounds of sun salutations and then move through the flow mindfully, slowly, listening to what your body tells you, understanding that each moment, each day is different and being completely happy with that. Depth here isn’t important, instead, listen to what your body tells you. As you move through your practice focus on your intentions for the month, open your heart to them, connect your feet/ points of root to the earth, to mother nature - align, unite the body & mind and if nothing else, allow yourself to move freely without judgement.