Coming Back to the Mat by Christina Chung

After being somewhat more than generous with allowing my body to rest during the cold winter months (replacing yoga with eating ALL of the dim sum), it’s finally time to abandon the excuses and get my ass back on the mat. Easier said than done with dark mornings & cold, cold, cold; I resent leaving the warmth of my cosy, marshmallow bed preferring instead to continue hibernation… But needs must.

My first morning rise isn’t pretty. Still clinging to the duvet, me and my happy little dumpling belly battle with the strong wish to stay warm. Eventually we take a clumsy roll out of bed and slowly get to the mat (yes, my happy dumpling belly is another entity). Stiff & tired my body moves reluctantly trying to manage a few sun salutations, until soon the familiar ebb and flow of the breath, that delicious inhale and exhale, takes over and suddenly I remember the wonderful feeling of my moving meditation.

It’s not always easy to find the motivation, so whilst we wait for Spring and longer days; for mornings where the sun can playfully tease you out of bed, take baby steps and ease yourself gently back into your practice. Not every morning battle can be won and sometimes the gorgeousness of feeling sleepy, staying cocooned in blankets is the right action to take.

For a little inspiration here’s a short, steady sequence to reawaken tired winter bodies. Move through it slowly, take time to listen to what your body needs and breathe deeply into places that show resistance...

Christina trained at Sampoorna Yoga School, India, where she studied the primary series as well as vinyasa flow. She's also one of Jo's teachers at Hotpod Yoga in Nottingham. You can hang out with her on Instagram