Astro Yoga: Pisces by Christina Chung

As the sun moves into pisces we begin to mark the end of another astrological year, the last of the zodiac signs; a time to reflect, dream and heal before we fire up again for the Spring Equinox. It’s a month where can we can potentially feel more spiritual and connected to the self. A month of dreaming, freeing the imagination and following instincts. 

So let us dream freely but to prevent it from becoming lazy escapism (which I’m more than prone to doing) we can focus our practice these next few weeks on grounding and exploring our foundations. Think of your feet in each posture - the part of the human anatomy associated with pisces - and enjoy the points connected to the earth creating strength as well as space in the body.

A particularly wonderful pose to perhaps try and incorporate into your practice this month is Extended hand-to-big-toe (Utthita Hasta Padangustasana). This posture requires focus and commitment and I never find it easy. It works on strengthening the psoas which stabilises the body, helping us to connect with a stronger balance. It’s easy to neglect the asanas that we find difficult, especially if the body shows resistance but power through because I promise it’s worth it.

If you’re just starting with this pose it’s nice to keep the knee of the raised leg bent so that you can focus on engaging the core, keeping the balancing leg strong and staying long through the torso. If you feel like you have a little more to give, you can grab the big toe (same hand to foot) and maybe even try extending the leg - I like using a strap to help me so that I can keep my body in a straight line and avoid hunching in the shoulder. 

So be playful in your flow, feel the foundations and grounding in each of your asanas and enjoy the space your in!