What Do You Want to Know About Successful Bridging?

We're going to break the habit of a lifetime here and keep it short and sweet... Since we released our most recent posts about keeping your eyes on your own prize and living creatively and got a gorgeous outpouring of love and thanks for both, we wanted to know what else you wanna know about transitioning from your bridge job and making your side hustle your full time gig... Do you want to know... 

• How to choose - and land - a great fit bridge job that supports you and leaves plenty of time and energy for your side hustle?

• How to network like a boss to take your side hustle to the next level without being a cringey slimeball or a desperate Doris? 

• How to pitch your big idea in a way that gets results and feels good for the folks on the other side of the table?

• How to prioritise everything on your schedule to make sure you're delivering in your BJ as well as in your passion project to keep everything flowing smoothly - and moving forward?

• How to nurture and grow your baby even if all your nearest and dearest think it's a kerrr-azy idea?!

• How to keep the passion alive even when you're tired from your J-O-B and wondering why exactly you're spending your nights building a website when your mates are at the pub drinking wine and eating crisps?! 

Or any other burning question about the how / what / where / when of bringing to life your own #HigherSelfie-esque passion project? 

Then pop over to this form and let us know...  As our gal pals over at lululemon would say we're in the imagination stage of lots of cool new stuff and we wanna know how we can best serve you... Straight from the unicorns mouth ;) 

And because it just wouldn't be #HigherSelfie without a hilliaaar-rious gif...

PS... Don't forget to pop your answers into this super quick form by clicking this link... Thanks sweetness! And feel free to pass it on if you know any kickass spiritual side hustlers who aren't yet part of our community xo