About Higherselfie

Higherselfie is the first of a kind spirituality event to be held in London on Sunday 10th May.

Higherselfie, is the brainchild of Lucy Sheridan and Jo Westwood that, after trawling the Internet and asking around the self help scene over the last 18 months, realized the type of live event they and their generation longed to attend simply did not exist on the scale they wanted to connect.

Even as digital natives living online, they knew that sometimes a webinar or YouTube video just doesn’t cut it and more was needed OFFline to connect with what’s INside.

Jo and Lucy loved attending individual workshops and run their own too, but these were every so often and had limited space so made accessing the self-help solutions that they knew others so enjoyed, tricky.

Bored of the stuffy school halls of local new age events and frustrated with the cold, tiered, corporate approach (not to mention big ticket price tags) that the big events in the UK couldn’t seem to shake off, they were inspired to do something for Gen Y, by Gen Y that goes further than the occasional hashtag.

With their places firmly at the center of the burgeoning self development scene in the UK and sought increasingly for comment and opinion on modern spirituality and self-help, to share in the national media, the signs for Lucy and Jo to take a lead on the potential of a live offering could not be ignored.

Their Inner voices’ whispers were becoming loud, ranty and insistent.

It was time to bring a truly alternative approach – to put the punk into the spiritual practice scene as only the Brits can.

So they set out to put on the live event they and their tribe – including you – would want to attend to get a full-on immersion in a day of spiritual idea sharing with all of the benefits that go with that.

A place and space for people to recognise and tap into their Higher Self, hold on, self and selfies, right? Yup!

Hell bent on making this the spiritual house party – accessible to all irrespective of age, gender or background – the Higherselfie event had to be free so they had to be clever with the funding.

With a bit of help from their angels and their Facebook networks they secured the backing of the beautiful team at yoga uber brand lululemon - their prayers were answered.

Which brings us to today and the start of the Higherselfie journey

  • For those that use the Gabby Spirit Junkie App like they use their Nike ID.
  • For those as comfortable pulling oracle cards like they are pulling looks on Pret-a-Porter
  • For those that are as connected within as they are on social media
  • Who want to live authentically and know that filters belong on Instagram not in real life
  • Who are open to knowing that there’s something more than just what we see around us
  • Want to tune into an inner voice that needs to be heard so the outer can be as beautiful as those selfies
  • Those that mediate with their commute macchiato
  • Who say FU to the quarter life crisis and woohoo to working out this thing called life as they go along!

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