#HigherSelfie creators Lucy Sheridan (L) and Jo Westwood (R). Photo by Sophia Spring.

#HigherSelfie creators Lucy Sheridan (L) and Jo Westwood (R). Photo by Sophia Spring.

#HigherSelfie is the spiritual lifestyle brand founded by life coaches and Hay House authors Lucy Sheridan and Jo Westwood.


Specialising in live events, including the only spirituality un-conference in collaboration with lululemon athletica, 1-2-1 coaching, and original online content, #HigherSelfie empowerS digital natives waking up to the cosmic alarm clock, via the proposition ‘Life ThRU the Spiritual Lens’.


With a contemporary approach, and full of pop culture inspired humour, #HigherSelfie interprets age-old concepts with attitude, in a language that is accessible to, and connects deeply with today’s soul seeking reader and creator.


The intention is to squash spiritual comparison or 'out spiriting' on the burgeoning NOW AGE scene and provide a level playing field for people to be seen and heard whether they have a million followers on Instagram, six bestsellers and a client waiting list, or they've just started a blog for their private passion project.


Life Thru the Spiritual Lens creates space for miracle making modern mystics to find their voice, as well as their tribe to share it with.


Created by two Brit girls mobilizing their generation in a movement, #HigherSelfie is the perfect gateway drug for those looking for something deeper and more meaningful, providing a rallying cry for 20 somethings and beyond waking up to the cosmic alarm clock. 


About the #HigherSelfie creators

Lucy Sheridan AKA The UK’s first and only Comparison Coach, is on a mission to get Gen Y over the ‘compare & despair’ of social media and be truly happy off and online. She has been featured in Grazia, Stella Magazine and the Daily Mail as part of her #comparisonfree campaign and continues to deliver that message via one on one coaching, workshops and speaking gigs.

Sun Sign: Leo. Moon Sign: Libra. Rising Sign: Pisces. Life number: 4. Teacher Guide: Medusa. Guardian Angel Name: Matt. Word of the year: LION.

Jo Westwood AKA 'The Spirit DJ’ breaks down spiritual concepts better than the Beastie Boys break beats! Hailing from Nottingham, not New York, she remixes ethereal, deep, spiritual concepts to make them accessible, practical and relatable to help the digital generation be more present, peaceful and connected in this manic modern world. In short, she delivers spiritual solutions for your real life shiz.

Sun Sign: Cancer. Moon Sign: Capricorn. Rising Sign: Libra. Life number: 6. Teacher Guide: Amun - Native American Elder. Joy Guide: Wolf. Word of the year: DYNAMITE! (As in BOOM! Goes the...)